Probably the best online resource for motorcycle travellers is Horizons Unlimited.  Geared towards adventure tourers, this site has more information and content than you will ever need if you are thinking of undertaking your own motorcycle adventure or grand tour.  Find inspiration, travel destinations, other travellers, tips, country info, practical advice from people who know, and just about anything else you can think of related to motorcycle travel.

Membership is not required but you will need to register if you want to participate in the Bulletin Board (HUBB) online forum.  Apart from posting privileges, Registered Users can send/receive private messages, subscribe to threads and a free travel blog which can be accessed from any Internet cafe using only a browser enabling travellers to post stories of their adventures and upload pictures.

I availed myself of this excellent feature to record my tour from London to Turkey in the summer of 2011 and can vouch for its ease of use for first time bloggers.  So don’t be scared – no need to set up your own website or get training on complicated software.  Keep your family and friends up to date with your adventures – if nothing else a regular blog will let them know you are safe!

The site is very community focused with the emphasis on sharing information freely between members and visitors alike, and Grant & Susan Johnson are committed to keeping it this way.  But HU is far more than an online community, with Motorcycle Travellers Meetings held regularly at various locations all over the world.  How much you want to get involved with the community is up to you.  But I warn you, it is addictive.

In recent times similar sites have sprung up, trying to immitate the enourmous success of Horizons Unlimited.  None can match HU’s depth of content nor global reach.  Horizons Unlimited remains true to its origins, full of practical information rather than opinions, and remains the site motorcycle travellers trust.