Our Hero2 FOV comparison continues.

Here’s the last video in our GoPro Hero 2 FOV (field of view) comparison series.  This time, wide (Hero2) against wide (Hero).

Mounting was simple and utilised the standard GoPro suction cup mount.

If you missed the medium and narrow FOV comparison videos, here they are again:


My favourite Hero2 FOV setting is Narrow and I’d recommend this as a default setting for your ride videos, especially for track days.

Is the Hero2 superior to the original HD Hero?  For me it’s definitely worth the extra due to the improved picture quality and additional settings available. But as always, not critical if you can’t afford it and I’ve taken many hours of interesting ride videos using the GoPro HD Hero.

If you are looking to invest in a HD video camera for your next ride, tour or track day the Hero2 is worth having a look at but there are other alternatives too.

If you have any other recommendations regarding ride video equipment we’d like to hear from you so please leave a comment and share your experiences with our readers.

Ride safe.


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