30 July 2011

I was hoping to make an earlier start today so I packed my kit up and prepared to check out of the hotel only to be advised that breakfast was included in the overnight rate.

No point leaving on an empty stomach so I settled down in the restaurant for a coffee and some pastries. No sooner had I sat down when someone enquired in their best German of my ability to speak English so he could ask me a few questions about my motorbike (I had all my riding kit on).

Another Aussie couple travelling through Europe – so we chatted about Australia, motorbikes and where we’d been and going to for a while.

Meeting fellow Aussies in Rothenburg

It was another 170 miles from Rothenburg to Klatovy (Czech Republic) to make up the shortfall from yesterday. This was in addition to the 241miles originally planned for today, taking in some historic sights in the Czech Republic.

All set to hit the road

All packed and ready to leave Rothenburg

I finally got going and had a few motorway miles to do first up in order to make it to the Czech border. Almost as soon as I made it over the border it started to rain lightly. Not wanting to get my riding kit soaked I pulled over in a small town and pulled on the wet weather gear. This proved to be a good move even though I was thinking the rain wouldn’t last that long or be too heavy.

The change from Germany to the Czech Republic was very noticeable and extreme. The B roads were quite poorly surfaced and all the signs (advertising, place names and road signage) were unfamiliar. But the first time new country for me – so I was excited.

By the time I reached Klatovy the rain had well and truly set in for the day. I stopped for some soup at a cafe/bar on the plaza and planed my next move.

My planned “scenic” route was another 241 miles and the GPS was showing this would take nearly 6 hours in good conditions. With the conditions suitable for neither riding or sight-seeing it was a simple decision. Another motorway slog to make to Prague in the shortest time and safest route possible.

A quick look around Klatovy’s plaza for some photos.

I couldn’t put it off any longer so I put all my kit back on, took it easy on the motorway and made it to the hotel in Prague mid afternoon – looking like a drowned rat but at least dry on the inside and with dry luggage.

Kalahari George and Kristina

Total miles today 250 (402km), cumulative 921 (1,482km).

Update:  On this leg of my Turkey motorcycle tour, the weather from Klatovy to Prague was dreadful. Heavy rain all the way, uncomfortable even on the Family Truckster and poor visibility.  At least the hotel in Prague was dry, warm and well located for a couple of days sightseeing and respite from continued unpleasant weather that was to follow me well into Romania.  Even with a great touring bike (mine has an adjustable windscreen) and good wet weather gear, riding in the rain is miserable at best. The two days off the bike gave me a wonderful opportunity to properly explore Prague.