10 August 2011

I’m well and truly back on the Romanian tourist trail.

My chosen hotel, Aro Palace, has a very business feel to it. It is like many I have stayed in before. Also lacking in character and soul. Impersonal.

But they have a room, the bike is right outside and I’m desperate to get out of my wet kit. Hopefully everything will be dry again in the morning although my gloves are about a million to one. I have another pair that will do.

I enquire at reception if they have an umbrella I can use as I wander around town. No they don’t. Figures. Looks like I’m destined to spend more time in the rain. It’s still falling but is a little lighter now.

Maybe the rain subdued my impressions of Brasov. It’s nice but seems to try too hard. If I had seen it on a sunny day I may have felt differently. I understand this is a good city from which to visit Dracula’s Castle and other out of town sights. I did have a nice traditional meal though.

But judge it for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with Brasov but I really don’t want to spend another day here.

When I wake up in the morning the skies are still grey. The roads wet.  But it’s not raining.  And it looks like it could be clearing.

What should I do?

Update: Even though I didn’t want to spend another day in Brasov, I’d had enough of the rain by the time I pulled up at the Aro Palace.  In spite of my reluctance I remember promising myself that even if it looked like a chance of more than just a passing shower or two I would make camp at the Aro Palace until the weather cleared. I really needed a break from the wet conditions and the extra concentration required to make it to my next destination.  I wasn’t even two weeks into my Turkey motorcycle tour and still had plenty of miles to ride just to get through eastern Europe and into Turkey.

I wonder how Kalahari George was getting on.  I hadn’t heard from him in the last 24 hours.  Maybe he’d taken my advice or was over my “disparaging” blog post documenting our arrival in Romania? I would find out in the next few days.