20-22 August, 2011

I doubt there are any mice in this city. Or rats for that matter. If some did try and sneak inside the city walls I doubt they would last long.

The cats would make short work of them. Cats are everywhere. Just as Romania had its dogs, Istanbul has an abundance of cats. And not pet cats.

I was enjoying a nice meal tonight alfresco. The entertainment was provided by about 7 cats looking for any morsel from my fellow diners. Every now and then they would be chased away, only to scamper up a nearby tree, or onto the busy street, but they soon returned. One was bold enough to jump up on an empty chair next to one diner. I think he was rewarded with a scratch but not any food.

They are all a bit on the skinny side. I like my cats to be well fed and lazy. There are no fat cats in Istanbul.

Here are my photos from the various forays into Sultanahmet I made whilst laid up in Istanbul on my Turkey motorcycle tour.