5 August 2011

Don’t you always feel great when you treat yourself.

Sometimes the treat is out of necessity – to enable you to carry on.

Before it happens you are concerned about the cost – will it be worth it. Can I afford it. But afterwards you always know it was worth it and overdue.

Today the Family Truckster was treated to some new shoes. Michelin’s no less. When my safety is at stake only the best will do.

Don’t they look great!

New tyres for K1600GT

The best new shoes I’ve ever owned!

And also a trip to the cleaners. Like new again!

K1600GT after wash

Looks like new again

Time to hit the road the road and get to Krakow. Wonder what Kalahari George has been up to?

Update:  All through the Turkey motorcycle tour, I got a lot of assistance from the guys at Bahnstormer Thames Valley, where I purchased the Family Truckster from and still get it serviced.  They were always on hand to provide advice, such as which tyres should I get etc, and act as a cross check to what I was being advised by the service departments at the BMW Motorrad dealers I encountered through Eastern Europe and Turkey.  This was especially critical (as I would later find out) as because this model was so new and so expensive, they had not seen many in their parts let alone sold or serviced them.  I reckon I would have been close to the first person to buy a K1600GT to replace the tyres having already done a trip from London to the west coast of The Republic of Ireland shortly after purchase in April 2011) and a trip to the Black Forest (Germany) on the B500 via the Nurburgring in late May 2011.  With all the extra weight from carrying luggage on these tours, it was no wonder my tyres were worn through at around 7,680 miles (12,290 km) even though I was hoping they would see me through to Romania.