29 July 2011

I’m feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep and an excellent continental breakfast.

Bikes are packed and Kalahari George and I go our separate ways, planning to meet up again in a few days.

I head off east on the motorway towards the German border but a missed turn takes me past the Stella Artois brewery before I’m back on course.

A quick stop for lunch at Adenau – spare ribs from a well kitted out mobile vendor, followed by German cake and coffee.

No time to look around as I have many miles to cover today, so back on the bike and off I go.

I encounter some rain on the way to Wertheim, causing me to stop and put the wet weather gear on. Luckily the rain did not last for long and I was soon able to remove my mobile sauna. I made it to Wertheim around 1700 and stopped to stretch my legs and refresh for the next stint. Looks like there is going to be a big festival/party in the old town over the weekend. Lots of temporary bars, food stalls and stages for bands.  While enjoying an espresso I chatted with a couple of Aussies from Rockhampton who were mid way through a European tour.  Always good to hear an Aussie accent and seems we can be found almost anywhere – you don’t even have to look hard to find us.

Back on the road around 1800 hoping to make some good time for another 100 miles. Great roads and perfect riding conditions but my progress was thwarted by roadworks and detours.

By 1930 I’d had enough riding for the day and decided to find somewhere to stay the night in Rothenburg.  Trip Advisor was consulted and I was soon on my way to a hotel in the old walled city.  After checking in and unloading the Family Truckster I head out to explore the old city. There are many cities like this in Europe but each is still fascinating and I never tire of seeing them.

Total miles today 411 (661km), cumulative 671 (1,080km).

If you have time check out a short video of my ride to Wertheim.

Update: I don’t recall where Kalahari George was off to but I think we’d agreed to meet up again in Prague (Czech Republic).  While it’s always good to have company on a ride there is something even more liberating about tackling the roads on your own, allowing greater freedom to stop when and wherever you like, pushing on to the next town if you still feel fresh and the conditions permit.  As it turned out this ride was the third longest (in mileage) of my Turkey motorcycle tour and very enjoyable given the superior quality of the roads encountered (I have found that the roads Germany and Spain are probably the best out of all those I’ve ridden in Europe), especially after the rain cleared.  It was a delightful early evening riding into and exploring Rothenburg.