5 August 2011 – Serpy’s last night on tour

As I wander the streets I find myself back at the plaza near the hotel. It’s a hot afternoon in Krakow and all this walking around has made me thirsty. Time for a beer. I deserve it!

Some outdoor tables under umbrellas looks a good spot. And to my surprise there is Kalahari George and Serpy. Their text alerting me to their arrival was not noticed – distracted by the sights of Krakow.

It’s good to catch up again and swap travel tales.

Serpy sure knows his rugby league. How good it is to talk about the footy after some time out of Oz.

We wander a short distance to a part of town with some street stalls for something to eat before heading back for a cleansing ale before we we retire for the evening. This place looks great day or night.

We bid farewell to Serpy in the morning. He is on his way to Rome then London before heading back to Barcaldine.

It’s just Kalahari George and me – the adventure is just beginning.

Update: To date on the Turkey motorcycle tour I hadn’t spent much time with Kalahari George.  I didn’t really know much about him other than what you hear over a few beers on one or two nights.  Serpy had been good company for him and, being from country Queensland, not much bothered Serpy – they got on well.  I’d only spent a few hours with Kalahari George, absent Serpy, in Leuven and then a few more with both of them in Prague and now Krakow.  Serpy was a good bloke from the little I knew about him, a typical Aussie country boy who was exactly what you saw.  Unlike Kalahari George who seemed to like to play his cards close to his chest, rarely revealing much about himself.  It was going to be interesting now to see how we would fare now that Serpy had left the tour.