21 & 22 September 2011

I like Italy. Have been here a few times now. Twice on the Family Truckster’s predecessor and once to go skiing. The coffee is simply the best and the food is great also, but no good if you are dieting.

The ferry crossing was smooth and I arrived on time in Ancona at 0700 on Thursday morning.

The ferry was all but empty and disembarking took no time at all. Before long I arrived in Jesi, had an espresso and then made my way to Monte Roberto where I would see a new friend who I’d not met previously, although we had corresponded by email over the past couple of months.

It was a good meeting and we discussed some potential business opportunities of mutual interest for our complimentary skills. Certainly worth the detour for me.

After lunch in Jesi, I bid my new Italian friend farewell and headed north towards the Dolomites, past Bologne and Padova. All up I did about 360 miles today but the best bit was the last 50 miles.

The Dolomites are just superb for motorcyclists and the entire region is promoted as a summer biking destination The roads were smooth and twisty, the scenery was something else, the hotels biker friendly. The temperature fell as I climbed higher. There was still snow clearly visible on the uppermost north facing mountains. The 40 degree temperatures of eastern Turkey are now but a distant memory.

Ever since Montenegro the change of season has been apparent. Autumn leaves will soon fall in preparation for winter snow. I just hope the summer riding kit I chose for this Turkey motorcycle tour is enough to get me back to London. I’m told it will be 5 degrees here in the morning. I’ll need to layer up in the morning and will also leave a little later for my ride. I don’t expect it to get over 20 degrees all day.

I’ll stay in Arabba (Hotel Evaldo) for at least a couple of days and try and bag as many of the mountain passes as I can. But my first taste has left me hungry for more. There were plenty of motorcyclists still on the road as I arrived late in the afternoon. I expect to see many more tomorrow. With good reason too. This is simply great motorcycling country – and anyone who enjoys riding should come here.

Tomorrow I’ll stop and take some photos. As always the video will be running. I have so many hours to edit and upload now. Will keep me busy when I get back to London I guess.

But there is a cost of being back in western Europe. Everything is more expensive; accommodation beer/wine and food. But the roads are great. The Family Truckster is back home where it belongs. I simply wouldn’t want to be riding anything else on these great roads. It is a perfect match.



Distance travelled today 361 miles (581km), cumulative 8,608 miles (13,853km).