7-9 September 2011

I didn’t really want to spend too much time in Antalya as I continued west along the coast on my Turkey motorcycle tour.  I wanted to stay another day in Side.  I’m not really sure why now.

It’s probably because I had no choice about Antalya.  This was where I had to get the bike serviced.  No more choices about this.  I like to do what I want to do, like most of us I guess.  Not what someone else or circumstances dictate I must do.

This perhaps is flawed logic on my part.

There was no room available on Wednesday night at the Kamer Motel.  I suppose I could have looked for another place close by.  But I still would have had to pack everything up again.  May as well move town.

Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera, was only an hour’s ride west.



Distance travelled today (Day 42) 49 miles (79km), cumulative 6,173 miles (9,934km).

There are plenty of hotels in the old city.  With a population over 1 million there should be things to see and do.

And there was.

After the usual hassles of finding my hotel of choice I had a wander around.  I’m glad I persisted this time.  The Otantik Butik Otel is a great find.

Very good value in a great location just near Hadrian’s Gate (yes he came through here also).

This place is great. I like the narrow streets, the Ottoman style buildings, the volume of hotels and restaurants, carpet shops and other typical Turkish tourist traps, the history.

It’s hotter here than Side. Or maybe just more humid.

I had a great meal at the hotel and some excellent local wine while I blogged the evening away.

After a great breakfast on Thursday morning, I made my way to the museum via the marina.  The museum was far more worthy than my attention span, though I did read some of the information accompanying the exhibits.  There sure is some old and interesting stuff here, covering many years of occupation by a variety of civilisations.  You could really spend some time in here and learn heaps.

There is plenty of history in the region.  Some major sites that provided material for the museum. Mostly between Side and Antalya. Wish I knew that when I left Side. I would have gladly made a few detours.

If you are anywhere near here I recommend a visit of at least a day including the museum and a trip to Perga/Perge (17km east) or Termessos or Aspendos or Karain Cave.

On several occasions I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the cities, scenery and history encountered on my Turkey motorcycle tour.  Here are more images of amazing Antalya.