24 & 25 August 2011

After 10 minutes, the traffic, the engine and I had cooled sufficiently to continue the journey to the hotel in Bursa. I only had another 2-3 miles to go.

It was well positioned in the heart of the old town just near the central markets. They had a room for me and undercover parking for the Family Truckster was available just around the corner.

It was late by the time a ventured out for a walk and to find some dinner. It had been a long day and this is probably the reason I didn’t really warm to Bursa. Just wasn’t there long enough to have a proper look.

Culturally this was a world away from Istanbul. Much more traditional and family/community oriented in comparison to the big city. But this is true all over the world.

Families were dining outside, music and children were playing. Laughter was everywhere.

I had an early night and ventured out again in the morning to take another quick look around in the daylight.

Here are some images of Bursa.

The weather is fine as I load up the Family Truckster so I treated my boots to a shoe shine. Time to hit the road, heading north east.

I can feel it’s going to be a good day as my Turkey motorcycle tour continues.