4 October 2011

This is officially the last day of my Turkey motorcycle tour.  I arrived safely at the ferry terminal this morning with plenty of time to have a chat with a few of the other motorcyclists who were also waiting to board.

Talking motorcycle touring at Bilbao Ferry Port

It’s always good to hear stories of where people have been and the most interesting was a couple who’d been travelling around Morocco on a Massey Ferguson.

Bilbao Port waiting to board ferry

It sounded a lot like riding in Turkey although they did some off road riding also.

Anyway, the wait gave me the chance to get some photos of the very dirty Family Truckster, including some shots of the dash and switches/controls on the handlebars.

It’s not long now before it will be clean again though!

The ferry’s engines have just started up so I’ll be on my way very soon. My Turkey motorcycle tour is over.  This could be a very long and boring day but plenty of time to edit some videos I guess.

Distance travelled today 17 miles (27km), cumulative 10,900 miles (17,542km).

This is the final post of my Turkey motorcycle tour series.

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Thanks for your interest.