24 September 2011

The Dolomites were so good I simply didn’t want to tear myself away from them just yet. I checked out of my hotel in Arabba this morning and had two choices – east or west.

West was the logical choice as it would get me closer to London.

But logic rarely comes into choosing roads to take the Family Truckster on, especially on this Turkey motorcycle tour.

I’d always planned to ride across Slovenia from east to west. There are meant to be some good roads there. But my ferry detour to Italy a few days back made Slovenia a little tougher without significant backtracking. I hate to backtrack.

But the Dolomites gave me an excuse and I found the perfect compromise. A morning of several more Dolomite mountain passes and an afternoon in Slovenia before heading back into Austria and tracking west again.

It was a perfect morning with deep blue skies and not too much cloud hiding the spectacular mountain views.

Here are the views that greeted me outside the Hotel Evaldo as I took my luggage out to load the Family Truckster.

Heading initially north and then east it wasn’t long before I’d been over Passo Campolongo, Passo di Valparola and Passo Falzarengo

before taking another short photo break in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

I continued east to Auronzo and took in the Passo del Zovo before heading north at Paluzza, crossing the border into Austria via the Plöcken Pass

before heading south and back into Italy via Kreuzenberg Sattel. After about 150 miles I stopped for a toasted sandwich and espresso in Pontebba (nice town) around 2pm.

It’s not far to the Slovenian border from here. My Dolomites adventure is nearly over.