18 September 2011

Montenegro hid its splendour from me at first.

Roads were not quite as good as Albania and the air quality remained poor. Blue skies were nowhere to be seen.

But gradually it started to reveal itself to me. The rugged coastline at first. Then the beaches and resort towns. And it has lot’s of natural beauty to offer. This country is worthy of more time than I’d allowed. I was going to stay in Kotor but couldn’t find the hotel of choice. So I kept going.

I’m a hard marker when it comes to stopping the Family Truckster for a photo opportunity so far on my Turkey motorcycle tour. But here I disembarked several times. It was still hot too. But worth the hassle.

See for yourself. Such as shame it was so hazy. I just hope this was the exception and not the rule.

But Montenegro had more to offer me yet, much to my delight!