10 Septemeber, 2011

By road, this would have been 150 miles, but this morning the Family Truckster and I had a 150 miles off. We would let someone else do the work while we sat back and relaxed for a change on day 45 of my Turkey motorcycle tour.

But first Datça. I arrived about 6pm last night and checked into a Tunc Pansiyon.  My best value accommodation yet, at around 15 euros including breakfast. It was all I deserved, as I’d already blown my cool and daily budget on my way here.

But no complaints. It was clean and I slept well. Sometimes it easy to get a bit carried away with unnecessary luxuries when the room is the place you spend the least time. Location is key.

I still had time for a walk around town. Nice place. Glad I stopped in even if only for one night.

It was an earlier that than usual start this Saturday morning. The ferry for Bodrum left at 0930 and I needed to be there at 0845 to secure my place on board. For the first time on this adventure I packed before breakfast.

It was a short ride north across the peninsula to the ferry port.

By 0915 I was onboard and the Truckster tied in. The ferry left right on time.

Two hours later we were backing into the port in Bodrum. I was the last one off.

One of my more pleasant mornings and in much quicker time than the Family Truckster would have managed on the road. But most of all, no fines or speed limits to stress about.

Hope you enjoy the photos from the ferry boat ride to Bodrum.

Yesterdays ride from Antalya to Datça

Distance travelled yesterday 322 miles (518km), cumulative 6,495 miles (10,453km).

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