3 September 2011

This place is well known.

Although if you asked me where/what Cappadocia is before I arrived in Turkey I’m not sure what I would have told you.

And it covers a much larger area than I’d expected.

I’d decided to stay in Göreme based on the info in the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Once again it was good advice. I must say I’ve found nearly all of the information contained within most reliable.

A hotel was booked before my departure from Gaziantep.

This area is at altitude. About 1,000m above sea level. So it was also nice and cool. But I think I passed through at the right time of the year. This place is apparently blistering hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter. High’s less than 30 but nice and cool in the mornings, less than 10 degrees, even now.

So everyone lives underground it seems. This helps regulate the temperature. I stayed two nights in the Canyon View Hotel.  My room (number 5) was in a cave. Kind of quirky and fun.

The views from the hotel terraces were spectacular. I just sat there watching the colours change as the sun set on my first evening. This place is amazing.

I took more photos during my stay in Göreme than any other city I’ve visited on this adventure.

I even did two tours.

This is a very touristy area but Göreme handles it in a relaxed way. It’s there but not high pressure. Take it or leave it. And all reasonably priced if you want to partake. And as well organised as anywhere in the world. They pick you up, drop you off, do it all. Almost too easy. Sometimes it would be nice to walk from the hotel to a central pick up point in the town. I haven’t been getting that much exercise on this Turkey motorcycle tour.

Have a look at what greeted me on this fine Saturday afternoon.

Keep following – the best is still to be revealed.