17 August 2011

I hadn’t planned for this. Tyres yes. But Romania has provided me with a farewell gift I wasn’t expecting.

Look closely, focusing on the wheel rim. Can you see it?

The wheel rim is out of shape. It has a flat spot. Several actually.

I never even realised until someone helping me out at the hotel this afternoon pointed it out to me. It has probably been like this for some days – at least since the Transfagarasan last Friday.

I couldn’t tell there was a problem when I was riding though.

BMW Roadside assist was alerted and I also consulted the guys that service the bike in the UK. No guarantees but should be ok if I keep an eye on the tyre pressures and go easy into the corners – and no high speed stuff. I can do that.

I told you the roads were challenging in Romania.

My plan is to take it to a dealer in Istanbul. Not sure what they will suggest but my guess is they will replace the front wheel. Maybe it can be fixed. We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted as I continue my Turkey motorcycle tour.