15 August 2011

Adrian suggested that I visit Constanta on my Turkey motorcycle tour.

I’d planned to visit the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. But why not in Romania also. Always trust local advice I say.

It was a short journey from Bucharest. All on motorways. Good thing too. It was hot. Got to 35 degrees on the way there on Monday. Even turned on the air conditioning!

One of the highlights of the trip to Constanta was crossing the Danube at Cernavoda. This town also has a nuclear reactor which supplies about 18% of Romania’s electricity. I went right past it – never been so close to a nuke before!

Two nights have been booked at Hotel Cherica using booking.com. I am welcomed as I park the Family Truckster out front and my bags are carried upstairs.

It’s still early in the afternoon and my room is not quite ready so I am upgraded to a double room. All the rooms in this hotal are nice.

I shower and head out to walk on the beaches and streets of this once thriving coastal city. The old girl is showing some signs of age but still has good bones.

It would be great to visit Constanta again following an urban renewal which is sure to come. This once grand city deserves to be that once more.

I stayed two nights at Hotel Cherica and thoroughly enjoyed my time in this wonderful Black Sea-side city.

Total miles today 139 (224km), cumulative 2,948 (4,744km).