16 August 2011

I never studied history at school. Now I wish I had. It fascinates me. Particularly this history of Europe. My entire knowledge comes from places I’ve had the opportunity to visit and also a couple of history books written by Geoffrey Blainey (A Short History of the World and A Short History of the Twentieth Century).

Unless something can be added or subtracted or presented as a diagram I find it hard to remember it. The changing borders of Europe as mapped over time is what I need to supplement any narrative on European history otherwise it will not be retained in my pea brain.

My Romanian adventures have again reinforced my shortcomings in world history.

I have now posted three pictures of a statue that intrigued me but which I knew nothing about. Yesterday I sent an email to my new Romanian friend Adrian asking if he could help explain the relevance of the statue to Romania.

I’m sure you have seen it and some will know its history and meaning. Maybe there are some who like me were unaware.

Here is Adrian’s reply:

“The monument you asked about is the beginning of the Roman empire. The two babies are Romulus and Remus, the two brothers which started the Roman empire. They were found by the wolf female and she took care of them. That monument is important for us because it speaks about our history and Latin origins.”

If you want to learn more about Romulus and Remus as I did, here is somewhere to start.

Thanks Adrian.

Update: Adrian was such a nice guy, just like all the Romanians I encountered on my Turkey motorcycle tour.  A welcome reminder that not all people are shallow like my former touring partner Kalahari George.