5 August, 2011

I’m writing this while waiting for my tyres to be fitted by the BMW dealer in Bielsko-Biala.  Shouldn’t be too much longer now and I’ll be on my way.

It’s been a few days now since I left Kalahari George in Prague. He’s got an Aussie mate shadowing him by train at the moment so no doubt they are having a good time.

We have been in contact though – sms and email.

ME: Back tyre worn through. Trying to source new tyre about 60 miles out of Krakow (3/8/11 14:26).

ME: Stuck here until Fri. When do you plan to leave Krakow? (3/8/11 18:27)

KG: 3 Nights in Krakow incl tonight, will be good to connect soon (4/8/11 00:02)

KG: G’day mate, I see from your blog that you will be in Krakow later today … we’re planning to do the concentration camp tour tomorrow so will book you in? See you later. Cheers (4/8/11 09:40).

ME: Tyre arrives tomorrow with luck. Will find out mid morning. BMW dealer here was great but they have not had to supply/fit any of this size before. I went to Auschwitz today. The tour (mandatory between 1000 and 1530) takes about 3.5 hours but well worth it. My guide was very knowledgeable. Maybe will get to Krakow tomorrow night if all goes well. Cheers (4/8/11 19:19).

KG: We’re about to do the Auschwitz tour today. I leave for Romania tomorrow morning, so if you’re in Krakow today it will be good to exchange plans. We’re staying … almost adjacent to the town square (5/8/11 08:20).

I’m not sure what blog Kalahari George was reading! I will let you know if he sees this post.

Update: I would soon find out that Kalahari George was not an avid reader of my Turkey motorcycle tour blog but it seems he had told some family and friends about it and they were following my progress.  More on this to come.