August 11 2011

It doesn’t take long for me to pack, check-out and load the bike. By the time I’m out of Brasov the roads are mostly dry.

And what a treat this first stretch is. Apart from the dubious overtaking abilities of the Romanian motorists this mornings ride is exactly what I’m looking for. The tourist trail roads have obviously received a greater spend per mile than the other roads I’ve recently been on. Not quite up to the standards of Spain or Germany but not far off and the best for me in Romania to date.

The bike sounds especially great today and the new tyres so secure on these good and dry roads.

On several occasions I am forced to slow considerably and drive to the extreme right side of the road as another miscalculated overtake from the opposite direction confronts me. The are usually on corners. Drivers thinking their cars are faster than they are. Or maybe that my bike has the speed of a horse and cart.

Whilst startling when you round a bend none were really that close. But I could still do without them.

Some days you just ride better than others. Its like most things in life really when it all just seems to click. Today I was making the Family Truckster do exactly as I wanted. No slippery roads or potholes to dodge. No raining stinging my eyes. This is the sort of journey the Family Truckster was built for.

What a contrast it was to the previous two days. It was a good call to leave Brasov. And the day just got better the longer it went on.

Sighisoara was my first stop shortly after midday.

I enjoy a nice lunch and set off on the second leg of the day to Sibiu.

Update: Hooray blue skies and better roads – a start contrast to my last few days in Romania. Whilst a bit touristy, Sighișoara was nice all the same and made the most of the Dracula legend being located in the historic region of Transylvania and the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula).  It would have been nice to speak to some locals, but no time – on to Sibiu where I would stay that evening on this 15th day of my Turkey motorcycle tour.