5 August 2011

So what is the quickest route to Krakow?

GPS is prgrammed and off I go. Turns out to be a motorway slog. Even two tolls to pay.

But I make it there in good time. Some roadworks to negotiate but before I know it I’m at the hotel where Kalahari George and his Aussie mate Serpy are staying – they are doing Auschwitz today and will be back later this afternoon. I check it out before going in. Looks a bit dodgy but Kalaharie George has been on the money so far so I’ll give it a go – it is in a prime location. They have a room available. It takes about 20 minutes to explain the 5 keys I’m now armed with – each colour coded. Could be confusing after a few beers.

Time to explore this city which I know little about.

Wow. Never thought it would be like this. Here are some of my favourite images.

One of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Total miles today 74 (119km), cumulative 1,618 (2,604km).

Update: Auschwitz was really the only reason for passing through Poland on my Turkey motorcycle tour.  If not for my tyre problems I may have spent less time in Bielsko-Biala and more time in Krakow.  One afternoon/evening to explore this wonderful city was not enough.  I did my best but would suggest to anyone thinking of going to definitely do it but allow more time and use Krakow as a base for doing an Auschwitz tour.  I would have liked to see the salt mines and possibly do some other tours but unfortunately time did not permit.  Another surprise in Poland was the weather which was superb.  I really should have stayed another day rather than hitting the road with Kalahari George the next morning. Had I known what was to transpire over the next few days this would have been a no-brainer.