SAFETY WARNING: Never use mototrackTOUR or otherwise operate your smartphone while riding or driving.


What is mototrackTOUR?

mototrackTOUR allows you to record GPS tracks (known as Routes) and visualise your motorcycle ride with performance statistics and Google Maps.  mototrackTOUR lets you keep a record of your rides and share your adventures with friends and the world.


All functions of mototrackTOUR can be accessed from the MAIN MENU.






Enter the Route Manager to record a Route.

Only one Route can be open at any given time to record GPS tracks, although it is possible to pause and resume a Route from time to time, either manually or automatically.  If the Route has been paused, no GPS tracks will be recorded by mototrackTOUR. When a Route has been Closed it is not possible to add any further GPS tracks to it.  The name of the Open Route is displayed on the Route Manager screen.  If there is no Open Route then <routename> will be displayed.

Before recording can commence, a Route must first be given a name.  A name can be entered by selecting the Edit name button.  If you already have a Route open you will need to Close it (by selecting Close route) before you can start recording a new Route.  If  It is also possible to rename an open Route by selecting Edit name, but only after the Route has been paused.

Press the Resume button to commence recording Route tracks.  Press the Pause button to cease recording.

Select Auto mode to automatically start, pause and resume recording of your route in accordance with pre-assigned conditions (refer Settings). In Auto mode, recording of GPS tracks will Start or Resume when the speed of travel exceeds the Conditional Start setting and will be Paused when no stationery or no movement has been detected by your handset for longer than the Conditional Pause setting.  To exit Auto mode simply deselect the the Auto mode check box.

A Route can be comprised of one or more Sessions.  A separate Session is created each time you Pause and Resume recording within the same Route.  Sessions can keep being added until the Route is Closed.

Both Open and Closed Routes can be viewed in mototrackTour but only Closed Routes can be Uploaded to the website.  Open Routes cannot be Viewed unless recording has been Paused.

The mototrackTOUR icon, partially obscured with a solid red circle, will appear in the Task Bar when a track is being recorded (subject to GPS fix and accuracy parameters being satisfied).  In Auto mode the solid red circle will appear only when the Start condition has been met.

The Route Manager also provides useful feedback about the GPS track Recording status, including the following messages:

  • Paused – not yet started or Route paused, no GPS data is being recorded
  • Standby for GPS signal – waiting for the handset to receive a GPS signal, no GPS track data is being recorded
  • Lack of precision – GPS accuracy parameters have not been met, no GPS track data is being recorded
  • Conditional – Auto Mode only, waiting for start condition to be met, no GPS track data us being recorded
  • Recording – all conditions and accuracy parameters have been met, GPS track data is being recorded

The following information, as measured by the handset’s GPS, is displayed on a real-time basis on the Route Manager screen:

  • GPS Accuracy
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Elevation

WARNING:  Never use mototrackTOUR or otherwise operate your smartphone while riding or driving.



Select View on the Main Menu view the map and other statistics of your Route.  Select the Route you wish to View from the list of saved routes (only one Route can be viewed at a time).  The current or Open Route is displayed at the top of the list and all saved Closed Routes are listed below in alphabetical order.  Once a Route has been Deleted (see Data Manager below) it can no longer be viewed on your handset or uploaded to the mototrackTOUR website.

The following details of the selected Route can be viewed on your handset:

  • View Map – route displayed in Google Maps
  • Session/route statistics (start/end times, elapsed time, distance, average/maximum speed)
  • Speed chart
  • Speed profile chart
  • Acceleration chart
  • Altitude chart
Scroll down the View screen to see all the charts.

Press the View Map button to see your Route in Google Maps and zoom in to see greater street and road detail.



Before you can Upload Routes you must Sign Up for a valid Username and Password from the motortrackTOUR website.  Please enter your Username and Password – see Settings below.

To upload Closed Routes to the website select Upload from the Main Menu.  The Closed Routes are listed in alphabetical order.  Select the Route that you want to Upload, complete the Upload Options and select OK.

Upload Options

  • If Public is selected, anyone will be able to view the Route on the mototrackTOUR website
  • If Hide Start is selected, the first 5 minutes of the Route will be hidden when viewed on the mototrackTOUR website
  • If Hide End is selected, the last 5 minutes of the Route will be hidden when viewed on the mototrackTOUR website

It is recommended that you visit the mototrackTOUR website to confirm your Route is being displayed as intended following each Upload.



Select Settings from the Main Menu to change viewing, recording and Auto Mode  settings and enter your mototrackTOUR website login details.

  • Unit of measure – choose from miles/feet (Imperial), kilometres/metres (Metric) or miles/metres (Hybrid).
  • Data detail – manages the extent of averaging the GPS data points displayed on the route map and in the charts.  Full ensures that all recorded GPS data points are plotted and is most accurate setting, but it will take longer to generate the route map and charts.  At less than Full, not all GPS data points recorded are displayed and some data is averaged.  If Low is selected the greater the averaging as fewer GPS data points are displayed and detail is compromised depending on the length of your Route.  Adjust as necessary to suit the processing capability of your handset relative to the length of the Route.
  • GPS precision – data points/tracks will only be recorded if the GPS precision setting is satisfied.  The lower the setting, the greater the accuracy of the Route recorded.  For example, when set on 10m/33ft, each data point recorded will be within 10m/33ft of your actual location.  A high setting will ensure tracks are recorded even when the GPS signal is weak but with an increased likelihood of variation between your actual and the recorded location (lat/long/elevation).
  • Recording interval – this setting determines the distance between data points recorded by mototrackTOUR.  For example, when set  at 30m/99ft, a data point is recorded each time you advance 30m/99ft from your previous recorded location.  The Recording interval is less reliable at high speed particularly when using a low setting such as 10m/33ft and under these conditions not as many data points will be recorded as might otherwise have been expected.
  • Auto Mode Start – use this setting to select the speed you want the recording of your Route to Start or Resume when in Auto Mode.
  • Auto Mode Pause – use this to set the idle duration after which recording of your Route will Pause when in Auto Mode.
  • Username/Password – please visit the website ( to register an account so that you can upload and view Routes on your laptop or desktop PC.  Be sure to enter your username and password exactly as you typed them when registering.



Select Data Manager from the Main Menu to rename or delete Routes.  In addition, share Routes with your friends by sending them via bluetooth or email.   Simply select the Route from the list and choose the desired action.   On reciept of a Route (routename.dat) please save it into the finished folder (mototrack_tour/finished) so you can view it on your device.



Select Website from the Main Menu to visit the mototrackTOUR registration page and other information about the app and website.