Are you new to mototrack – Tour Edition?  As a supplement to our online User Guide here are some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you get the most out of mototrack.


Can I use mototrack for navigation or to plan routes like a Satnav?

No, mototrack only records certain data, including latitude, longitude and elevation as you ride, to enable the reporting of route and session details and the generation of charts and the plotting of your route on a map.  It has no navigating functionality.


I’ve installed the app on my Smartphone, what next?

Open the app and select Options from the Main Menu to set your recording and viewing preferences and website login details.  To record a route in manual mode select the Route Manager from the Main Menu, enter a route name and press Start/Resume.  You are ready to start your ride.  At the conclusion of your journey press Stop/Pause followed by Close Route.


How accurate are my Routes?

In the right conditions the location fix recorded by mototrack will be within 10 metres or 30 feet however this is very dependent upon the strength of the GPS signal.  Your handset needs to be in a line-of-sight (in your pocket is fine) with the GPS satellites and if this is obstructed by trees, buildings or rugged terrain you may not get an accurate fix until you move clear of the obstructions.


Do I need to mount my Smartphone on my motorcycle to be able to record tracks?

This is not a requirement of mototrack which has been designed to function with your Smartphone in your pocket or tankbag.  Options can be set prior to commencing your ride and there is no need to view or otherwise operate your Smartphone while riding.  We suggest you simply start Recording a Track before you start your bike, then simply put your handset in your pocket as you have always done. There is no need to think about it again until you stop and switch off your engine.  Under no circumstances should you ever operate a mobile or cell phone while riding.


I’m concerned about privacy, do I have to upload my Routes to the web?

Not at all.   There is no requirement to upload your recorded tracks (ie Routes) to the mototrack website.  Route data can be viewed on the app only, however some charts process quicker and with greater detail on a tablet, laptop or PC monitor using most popular web browsers. However if you want to upload your Routes to the website you must first Register as a User.


Why do I have to provide my name and email address to Register as a User?

A profile (username and password) is required to enable you to log in to the website to view your own and all public Routes or manually Upload Routes.   We suggest that you select a username such as a nickname or similar and certainly not your full name.  A valid email address is required when registering as a User to activate your account  or to reset your password should you forget it.  Your details will not be passed on to any third party.


Who else can see the Routes I have Uploaded?

Unless you nominate a Route as a Public Route only you can see them (after successful login).  Public Routes can be viewed by anyone, not just Registered Users.   We strongly advise that when considering making a route Public you ensure that it not does contain any information that could reveal your identity or the address where you keep your motorcycle, scooter or vehicle.  Routes can be nominated as Public either on Upload from the app or from within the mototrackTour website.


Do I need a data connection to record tracks?

No, a data connection is only needed to Upload Routes to, or registering as a user on, the Website. Recording tracks or viewing charts and statistics on the handset from within the app does not require a data connection, however using your handset to view your Route on a Map will require a data connection.


Can I register to upload my routes to the Website directly from the App?

Website registration is required before you can upload routes from the app but not necessary to record or view routes on your Smartphone.  Website registration can only be undertaken from a web browser either on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Press Open Website on the Main Menu to open the web browser on your Smartphone to view the mototrackTour website.


What is the url for the mototrackTour website? or simply click on the mototrackTour banner (see top of this post) or icon (below) and the website will open at the login/registration page in a new window/tab.











What is Auto Mode?

Selecting Auto Mode on the Route Manager will cause track recording to start and stop in accordance with the session handling conditions specified under the user OptionsAuto Mode eliminates the need to manually interact with the handset to start, pause or resume track recording until your journey is completed.


How do I exit Auto Mode?

Simply press the Auto Mode check box and you will be returned to manual mode.  Of course you can re-engage Auto Mode should you wish at any time during your journey provided the route has been paused i. you cannot engage Auto Mode while a track is being recorded.


What is the difference between a Route and a Session?

A Route can be comprised of one or many Sessions.  A new Session is started each time the Route is started or resumed after a pause.  There is no limit to the number of Sessions that can comprise an open Route, however once the Route is closed, no further Sessions can be added.  Reports (maps, charts and statistics) on both the app and website are Route based, though Session details are also provided.


Can I have more than one open Route at a time?

No, only one Open Route is permitted at a time.  Before you can create a new Route you must first close the Route that is currently open.  Only Closed Routes can be uploaded to the website.


Can I view an Open Route on my Smartphone?

Yes, an Open Route can be viewed from within the app as long as it has been paused ie you cannot view during the recording of a track.


Still unsure?  or have a suggestion to improve mototrackTour?  We’d like to hear from you.  Please submit your suggestion or query to our Support team.

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