I’m always on the lookout for new GoPro motorcycle mounts.

A few weeks back we reviewed the Manfrotto Super Clamp and Heavy Duty Flex Arm as an alternative GoPro motorcycle mount  (see post).

Our review included mounting a GoPro HD Hero to the pillion rails and handlebars.

As the Heavy Duty Flex Arm is 55cm/22in long, we were unsure how much camera shake would be evident in the videos we took on the test ride.

We have now edited the video so you can check out these mounting options from Manfrotto in action.

First up is the HD Flex Arm mounted on the pillion rail.

Next is the HD Flex Arm mounted on the handlebars.

Overall there is not much more camera shake than experienced with a standard GoPro suction mount, which is a great result given the length of the Flex Arm.  Typical of all motorcycle camera mounts the amount of shake/movement is heavily influenced by the quality of the road surface.

I’m a fan of the GoPro motorcycle mount solution from Manfrotto.  It permits greater variety in your ride videos and more interesting camera angles.  I liked the handlebar mounting position as this provides a very realistic riders perspective that non-motorcyclists would not otherwise be able to experience.

So if you have more than one GoPro and want to make more professional looking videos of your rides then I’d definitely recommend getting the Manfrotto Super Clamp and Heavy Duty Flex Arm.