I’m always on the lookout for new GoPro motorcycle mounts and recently got my hands on a suction mount from Cullman.

It’s not that the standard suction cup GoPro motorcycle mount is no good.  My concerns about the GoPro suction mount is that is has a little too much flex and that adjusting the position once affixed to the bike can be cumbersome.  I’ve always found that while the suction is very reliable it’s a two handed job to change the position of the camera, requiring the aid of pliers to properly tighten the thumb knobs (nuts) on the pivot arm assembly.

Motorcycles don’t offer too many suitable positions to apply a suction mount.  To achieve the fullest range of movement from the GoPro suction mount it is necessary to connect two pivot arms between the suction cup and the camera housing.  This means up to 5 nuts require loosening and tightening each time the camera position is changed.

At times it is still necessary to remove and reapply the suction cup just to get the GoPro into the right position.  If you like to be creative with your camera angles this can become tedious.

The Cullmann CS33 Suction Pod with CB3.1 Ball Head GoPro motorcycle mount does an even better job with just one easy to operate (ie hand tighten) clamping lever and is a superior alternative to the GoPro suction mount.

Even though about double the cost of the GoPro suction mount (when purchased separately) the Cullmann CS33 Suction Pod is well worth it, if for nothing else than the absolute simplicity of camera angle adjustment.

The key is the ball head which at the simple turn of the clamping lever provides unrestricted movement through the top hemisphere of the aluminium ball thanks to the 360 degrees rotation at the base of the detachable ball head.

The Cullman Suction Pod is of professional quality and has a standard 1/4″ thread fitting so you will need the GoPro tripod mount so you can attach the camera housing to it.

But the good news is the Cullman suction mount is far more versatile than its GoPro equivalent.  You can unscrew the ball head from the sucker to enable a camera to be directly mounted to the suction tripod or the CB3.1 ball head can be used with a traditional tripod.

For all the technical specs visit Cullman’s website.   Even though Cullmann assume no liability when fastening the CS33 suction pod to moving vehicles I’ve not had any problems in the testing undertaken to date.  I do suggest you stick to smooth, grease free surfaces and always use a short tether to attach it to your bike just in case!

From observation while riding, the Cullmann mount seems to display far less flex which should equate to better videos.  We’ve taken some comparison video footage and will edit and post this soon so you can see for yourself.

So the Suction Pod from Cullmann is a great product and well worth a look if you are considering alternative mounting options for your GoPro.   Stay tuned for the comparison on-bike videos of the Cullmann Vs the GoPro Suction Mounts.