Will the new Windows Smartphones help Nokia regain the status of their seemingly now long gone glory days?

I remember in the pre Smartphone days when Nokia was the first choice mobile phone for consumers and business users. They looked cool, worked great and the battery life was superb. They dominated the mobile phone handset market and surprisingly even today remain the world’s top mobile phone maker – but only just.

I’ve had a few Nolia mobile handsets myself but probably none in the last 5 or so years.

Having ditched their own operating system and hitched their wagon to the Windows Mobile OS these new Smartphones need to be a big success for both Nokia and Microsoft.

There’s plenty of press coverage on the web about the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800.  Check out Engadget for more details of the Lumina 800.

Even though not of a technical nature, the piece of information about these new Nokia Smartphones that really caught my attention was contained in an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, claiming Lumia means “prostitute” in Spanish.  Oops!

I do hope these phones do well and it will be interesting to see how the Windows Mobile OS shapes up.  I had an early generation Samsung handset using one of the first versions of Windows Mobile a few years back now, but have been a fan of Android since, mostly because I’m not cool enough to own an iPhone.

If someone wants to lend me one of these new generation of Nokia smartphone I’ll gladly take it out for a test on my motorcycle and let everyone know how it shapes up.  But I’m not going to be ordering one of these baby’s for some time, as my Smartphone budget is now overspent courtesy of an iPhone 4S that is “in the mail”!

Does anyone care to share their experiences with these new Nokia smartphones?