Well I did it – my new toys are on the way.  I knew I would.  It was only a matter of time.  I’m a sucker for new tech.

A few simple clicks and the orders were placed.  I’ve really gotten into online shopping of late.  It is just so simple and very secure these days with the likes of PayPal as an intermediary.

If all goes to plan I’ll get one of the items tomorrow.  The other one is not yet in stock so strong has the demand been since its launch.

So what new toys am I getting you ask?

Well if you haven’t guessed they are an iPhone 4S 64GB Black and the GoPro HD Hero2 – Motorsports Edition.

The Apple Store says new stocks are due sometime in early November so its likely another two weeks until it arrives.

The Hero2 will arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed for some fine weather over the weekend so a can put it through its paces.  I’m keen to see how it stacks up against the previous model which I am a huge fan of.

Stay tuned.