Hi to everyone and especially tech loving motorcyclists out there in cyberspace. It’s been some time since my last post and now I feel it’s a good time for a licence update.

Having surrendered my licence back in April 2012, I’m now well over a year of not being able to ride my beloved family truckster (BMW K1600GT). This has been a source of considerable frustration for me, hence the long time since my last post. Sorry but I hope you cut me some slack given the circumstances.

Writing a motorcycle based blog is not that easy when you can’t ride. I could go on about the merits of voluntarily surrendering my licence on the advice of my Neuro Surgeon, but hey, I did the right thing and haven’t endangered other road users and/or pedestrians. But would I do the same again having not had any subsequent seizures since my initial episode … of course I would, I’m very law abiding like most Australians, I just don’t know what I would recommend to others unfortunate enough to face similar circumstance. Let’s just say maybe you could decide not to voluntarily surrender your licence on your own!

Back to the licence update.

The summer has finally arrived in the UK and today is one of the best so far in 2013. A day that just begs you to get the bike out and go for a long ride in the country. Except I can’t. So what to do?

Instead I dusted off the blog and updated WordPress and all my plugins. Everything is up to date now, having recently transferred the site to my new preferred server provider TSOHosts.

So while I’m waiting to light the BBQ for my dinner tonight it occurred to me that it was time for a licence update.

Oh, my health situation you ask. As I’ve told many people I’ve been very lucky, not that I would want to have to go through it again. But if you do get something unfortunate that brings you to a cross roads in life, I hope you have the same sort of luck I’ve had. There has been so much …

– seizure happened at home while sitting at my desk working, not while I was out riding or driving

– my missus was watching the TV when it happened and immediately called the ambulance who promptly got me up to the local hospital, I even remember being excited about them putting the ‘blues and twos’ on!

– prompt attention in A&E and they quickly ascertained I’d not had a drug overdose followed by a quick diagnosis of my actual condition

– allocated a top notch Neuro Surgeon and scheduled for surgery at a specialist Neurological hospital

– flawless surgery with a speedy recovery, I was only in two for two nights after having the bad part of my brain removed

– a cracker of a scar as a reminder of my adventure but best of all no real pain or discomfort, pain was managed by paracetamol both in hospital and afterwards

– all clears in two subsequent follow-up MRI’s (October 2012 and June 2013)

– support from my Neuro Surgeon at my last check-up to apply to have my licence reinstated.


The forms were completed and posted to the DVLA on my way back home from my Neuro Surgeon’s rooms.

Now all I have to do is wait for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn.

Last week I received a letter from the DVLA. Can you guess what it said?

To be continued ….