It’s been some time since my last licence update.  I was kind of hoping that by now I’d have some good news to share with you.  Unfortunately this is not the case.

It’s not like I have no news to share – just no answer yet from the DVLA.

They did write to me on 19 September with an update as follows:

“The medical information that has been received is currently being considered.  However, please be aware that this may take up to 12 weeks.  I appreciate that you have already been waiting some time but I would like to reassure you that our enquiries will be completed as soon as possible and once a decision has been made we will write to you with the outcome.”

Today is Christmas day 2013.  It is now  15 weeks since I last heard from the DVLA.  Did they mean months when they referred to weeks?

The only upside to the delay is that it gets me closer to the second anniversary of my surgery and the closer I get to this date (25 May 2014) the better my chances of a favourable outcome.  I’ve had no subsequent seizures to the only one I experienced in late March 2012 and even though I’m still on the anti seizure meds.  The best news of all though is my last scan in late November 2013 was all clear.  I’ll have another one in six months time and the docs tell me if this is clear they will start doing the scans annually going forward.

So it could be much worse.

Overall, while a little frustrated at the absence of a decision from the DVLA, it is winter so I can wait for now, and am very lucky to have escaped this life challenge (so far anyway) with 18+ months of enforced motorcycle exile.  A pretty small price for my health really.

So this Christmas day I will be counting my blessings rather than ruing my misfortune.

My motorcycle is safely tucked in at the best motorcycle only storage facility after a pre-storage service and will be all ready to roll when the good news (fingers crossed) comes through in the new year.  Not long to wait now.

Happy Christmas from Bumble Bea

Happy Holidays 2013 from Bumble Bea

Happy Holidays from BrettfromOz.