Hero2 FOV – is there much difference from the standard HD Hero?

We do our best to be self sufficient at ridewithtech.com and keep as much as possible in-house.  And we’ve been pretty successful at this to date with just a bit of help from professionals from time to time.  Our philosophy is to get trained rather than outsource whenever possible.  This enables us to pass on our experiences as well as any tips and tricks picked up along the way.

Video editing was the latest training course attended.

I’d been using video editing software for some time now but being self taught I still felt like a novice.  Sure, I had an understanding of most of the basic editing functions but unfortunately most of my videos still looked a bit like amateur hour,  They did the job but looked at best average.

So after my training is there any improvement?  I’ll let you be the judge.

We’ve posted this video footage before (pre training edit link) but thought it was worth putting this video up again to demonstrate the benefits (?) of the training.

So here is the new edit of the comparison of the new GoPro HD Hero2 to the original GoPro Hero, showing off the narrow field of view (FOV) setting.  I’m a big fan of the narrow FOV and think it would be great for a track day, especially if following or leading a feature bike, by bringing the viewer much closer to the action.

I think this new edit shows much more clearly the benefits of the Hero2, not just in the FOV settings, but in picture and sound quality too (sound in this video is just from the Hero2 but please take my word for it).

More Hero2 FOV comparison videos are on the way.  Stay tuned.

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