Several GoPro mounts come with the cameras and housing in the various editions (Motorsports, Outdoor and Surf) available from GoPro.  In the past I’ve opted for the Motorsports Edition when purchasing the GoPro HD Hero and Hero2 but have also invested in other GoPro Mounts which can be purchased separately including:

These mounts add versatility to using your GoPro but aren’t necessarily all ideal for using on a motorcycle.  GoPro also offer flat and curved adhesive mounts but to be honest I’m not a big fan of sicking things to my bike for fear of damaging the paintwork on their removal (the 3M adhesive really works and there is no way the mount can be repositioned once stuck to your motorcycle).

My personal favourite from the standard GoPro mounts is the suction cup mostly because it is reliable and easily relocated on the bike without damage to the paintwork.  My main criticism of the GoPro suction cup is that it is difficult to hand tighten the nuts on the adjustable pivot arms (I opt to use some pliers to tighten these as my experience is hand tightening does not eliminate movement at higher speeds).  Another gripe of the goPro suction mount is that it is somewhat prone to camera shake due to the flexibility of the plastic components.

But there are non GoPro mounting options available also that overcome some of the limitations of the mounting accessories available from GoPro.

Check out this cool video from Half Throttle on some neat motorcycle video mounting options from Manfrotto.

After watching it I have ordered both and plan to use them with my GoPro’s.

Please look out for HalfThrottle’s YouTube Channel or website for more motorcycle videos from Panama.