Are you new to motorcycle travelling?  Want to experience the adventure of a lifetime to new and far away lands on two wheels?  Think it all sounds too hard, only for hard core or experienced travellers?

It’s really very simple – just 4 easy steps!

It is not the ‘Impossible Dream’, it’s the ‘Achievable Dream’, and Horizons Unlimited is here to help you make it a reality.

Four (Easy) Steps to Motorcycle Travelling

Step 1 – Go to Horizons Unlimited!

First created in 1997 by Susan and Grant Johnson, with the addition of the HUBB and E-zine in 1999 and 2000, the site has become a home and a focus for thousands of motorcycle travellers around the world.

The site comprises over 7,000 pages of superb content and gorgeous photos, plus the HUBB, which alone has over 40,000 ‘threads’ or topics and 300,000 posts.

If you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by it all, don’t feel bad – so are we!

2. Get inspired!

Subscribe to the Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers’ e-zine, now with over 7,500 subscribers.  Each month (or as often as we get to it), and delivered by email, read about tales of adventure, terror & joy from around the world including stories from travellers on the road right now.  Use the e-zine or the HUBB to meet and contact other travellers.

Or if you prefer, visit the Motorcycle Travellers Stories section to read  exciting, humorous and sometimes terrifying stories from intrepid motorcycle adventurers in Africa, South America, Asia, Australia and round the world.  With hundreds of contributors, from first-timers to legends .  There are thousands of great stories and pictures, from right next door to around the world.  They are written on the road, from internet cafes, hostels or hotel lobby’s, in Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and all parts in between.

Or why not even take inspiration from us; Grant and Susan Johnson, your hosts of Horizons Unlimited, are also seasoned (some would say crazy) motorcycle travellers. You can read about our adventures around the world from north to south, two-up, on the same 1986 BMW R80GS. Our odyssey has spanned 11 years, 39 countries and every continent, over 100,000 km and produced 1000’s of photos. And it’s not over yet!

For those who don’t want to read all the stories, we have now produced a photo album. Only 457 photos so far…

And quite frankly, if we can do it, so can you!

3. Get Ready!

There’s lots of information in the Trip Planning section so check it out.  Topics include why, where and when to go, border crossings, bike stuff, paperwork (vehicle registration, drivers license and international driving permit, insurance and import/Carnet de Passage), motorcycle shipping, what equipment to take, health and safety, tips for living on the road and organised tours.

The Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board, or HUBB, is a fact-based forum for overland travellers, whether by motorcycle or 4WD. Started in 1999, it now has over 31,000 users from all over the world, and a fantastic bunch of people they are too!  You can read without registering, but must to register to post a question and get more tools to enhance your reading.

There are 40,000 threads on every subject you can imagine, grouped into around 70 separate Forums, from Which Bike? and bike forums to Regional forums, Trip Paperwork, Trip Transport, 4WD Tech and Travel forums, and the very popular ‘Travellers Seeking Travellers’, which serves as a meeting up point for those starting off on long journeys, and has resulted in more than a few lasting friendships…

Or why not come to a HU Traveller’s Meeting. You will meet people who don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or Africa or across Asia, or even around the world! Admit it, all your ‘normal’ friends and most of your family fears for your sanity!  So, this is your opportunity to meet the people who will encourage you in that craziness, share their experiences and advice on how to do it, and maybe you’ll meet them again in Mongolia or Timbuktu!

Finally, if you’d rather get your information by watching and listening than reading, then our Achievable Dream DVD’s are for you.  Presented by Grant and Susan Johnson, this definitive how-to guide covers just about everything you need to know about overland travel.  If you can’t make it to a Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting, then you’ll want to watch this DVD again and again, notepad in hand! But be warned, viewing this may be a life-changing experience!

4. Get on the Road!

We’re very proud of the Travellers Communities. Begun in Melbourne in 2000, we now have over 700+ communities in 105+ countries worldwide.  Individuals can join a community mailing list, and travellers visiting their area can write for advice, assistance or just to meet up and swap stories.

Or why not start your own blog?  We want your motorcycle travel story, whether it’s around the world or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to anywhere.  At Horizons Unlimited, you’ll get a lot more readers than in some obscure corner of the web. Plus, your readers won’t be subjected to popup/under ads or turned away because you’ve exceeded their bandwidth limits.  And yes, it’s free and will remain so, but motorcycle travel stories only, please.

Here’s what others have said about our site.

“Best web site I’ve ever seen for traveling, on or off a bike, keep it up, thank you.”
Tony Brimble, UK

“Hi guys! I really love your site and work – its an indispensable info source for touring!”
David Katz, Germany

“Simply the best motorcycle adventure site!”
Brian Coles, UK

“I could spend hours lost in the HUBB – and do so from time to time!”
Mike Paull, USA

“This site is the BIBLE for international bike travelers.”
Greg Aldis, Australia

So no more excuses.  Start planning your trip today.

Grant and Susan Johnson