Anolisoft was formed in 2011 with the goal of developing innovative, cost effective, mobile device based software solutions to consumers and business.  Our focus is on  utilising the latest available tools and technology, both hardware and software, and applying it to niche markets.  We aim to create low cost solutions that are accessible to consumers and small to medium enterprises.

Software used to be seen as expensive, requiring extensive user training.  But Anolisoft believe it doesn’t have to be like this.  Intuitive user interfaces and freeware now dominate with companies like Google leading the way.  Companies are reassessing the ways they do business, including their investment in information technology infrastructure.  Costs can be cut without security or customer service being compromised.

Small businesses and consumers are leading the way.  They are not tied to old business models, the way it has always been done, nor burdened by significant investment in IT infrastructure.  They are the early adopters of these new mobile technologies and have an ever growing appetite for more.

Our applications target niche markets, developed with the end user in mind, that are technically robust while maintaining visual appeal, but always with a simple and clear user interface.

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