Friends of are manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and developers whose products or services are of a “hi-tech” nature with application to the global motorcycling community.  By becoming a Friend your Company will have posting rights, enabling you to communicate directly with your target market about your latest products.  In addition, you will receive a dedicated Friends page, accessible directly from our landing page where you can provide further information about your company and include links to your Company website and resellers websites.

Foundation Friends will receive other benefits including subscription discounts, fee free periods and  landing page advertising.  Please contact us for further details of rates and sign on incentives.

Meet our Friends:

Horizons Unlimited – the website motorcycle travellers trust

HalfThrottle – Travel safe. Ride far. Do it soon.

Compass Expeditions – adventure motorcycle tours and expeditions

GoPro – Be a Hero

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We are currently looking for Friends so contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

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