Check out our new galleries with plenty of images of the many classic motorcycles on display.  Some were even for sale.  This years Classic Motorcycle Show was held at the Stafford (UK) show grounds over the last weekend of April.  The train ride from London to Stafford was enjoyable but facilities for getting from the station to the show ground were poor.  No shuttle buses and very few taxis.  Getting back to the station at the end of the day was even worse! There was plenty of parking available though to cater for most of the enthusiasts who were not reliant on public transport.

All photos were taken using a Sony NEX-5 compact digital SLR.  There was some cropping and minor editing carried out with PhotoShop Elements.  Finally the edited images were uploaded to Flickr and embedded into this WordPress based website using the “Awesome Flickr Gallery” plugin.

There are some nice shots here and there were many classic motorcycles on display that I’d never even heard of before, so these galleries are worth having a look at:

Classic Motorcycles Gallery 1

Classic Motorcycles Gallery 2

Classic Motorcycles Gallery 3


Do you have any tips for photographing and editing shots of motorcycles? Please contact us so we can share your experience with other enthusiasts and we’ll showcase your talents.