Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 35 – Wow! Diyarbakir via Hasankeyf to Mardin

August 31 2011

Today it got to 40 degrees. Plus you need to factor in the kit I’m wearing and the heat from the engine. It was very warm indeed, stifling at times when riding – like a hair dryer in your face.

But today it was worth every bit of it.

Batman (yes this is the name of the city), was my first stop to refuel the Truckster and have a coffee.

Then on to Hasankeyf. This was something else. Might not be around in another few years – there are plans for a dam all through this region. If it goes ahead this wonderful city will be lost. It’s hard to believe.

This is the most easterly point of my Turkey motorcycle tour and probably also the furthest point from London. I’m on my way home now!

Mardin was not far. Almost took me as long to find a hotel as it did to make the journey from Hasankeyf via Midyat. I had to stop three times in Mardin to get my bearings. This was hard work but definitely worth it. This place is special. Under an old fort high on a hill overlooking the plains of Mesopotamia.

I simply lack the skills to adequately describe this city with words. Lucky I have a camera. Have a look at this.







Distance travelled today 202 miles (325km), cumulative 5,203 miles (8,373km).


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