Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 9 – Bielsko-Biala to Krakow

5 August 2011

So what is the quickest route to Krakow?

GPS is prgrammed and off I go. Turns out to be a motorway slog. Even two tolls to pay.

But I make it there in good time. Some roadworks to negotiate but before I know it I’m at the hotel where Kalahari George and his Aussie mate Serpy are staying – they are doing Auschwitz today and will be back later this afternoon. I check it out before going in. Looks a bit dodgy but Kalaharie George has been on the money so far so I’ll give it a go – it is in a prime location. They have a room available. It takes about 20 minutes to explain the 5 keys I’m now armed with – each colour coded. Could be confusing after a few beers.

Time to explore this city which I know little about.

Wow. Never thought it would be like this. Here are some of my favourite images.

One of Europe’s best kept secrets.

MapSource Trip Tracks - 5 August 2011

MapSource Trip Tracks – 5 August 2011

Total miles today 74 (119km), cumulative 1,618 (2,604km).

Update: Auschwitz was really the only reason for passing through Poland on my Turkey motorcycle tour.  If not for my tyre problems I may have spent less time in Bielsko-Biala and more time in Krakow.  One afternoon/evening to explore this wonderful city was not enough.  I did my best but would suggest to anyone thinking of going to definitely do it but allow more time and use Krakow as a base for doing an Auschwitz tour.  I would have liked to see the salt mines and possibly do some other tours but unfortunately time did not permit.  Another surprise in Poland was the weather which was superb.  I really should have stayed another day rather than hitting the road with Kalahari George the next morning. Had I known what was to transpire over the next few days this would have been a no-brainer.

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