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My first motorcycle blog followed a trip I made last summer from London to Turkey and back, a journey of some 11,000 miles covering 23 countries over 10 weeks.  It was great trip and the blog was the perfect way to keep family and friends up to date with my adventure, enabling me to share stories, photos and videos on a daily basis.  I availed myself of the free travel stories blog from Horizons Unlimited (click here to check it out) and found it just perfect for my needs.

One thing that I wished I’d had though was an easy way to show people a map of the roads I’d been on each day. Sure the pictures and videos were great, but a map puts your stories and images into context and really helps your readers identify just where in the world you are.

Now the mototrackTOUR app and companion website provides the perfect solution to enhance your motorcycle blog by generating the HTML code necessary to embed a map and show your followers exactly where your motorcycle adventures have taken you.

Simply log your ride using the mototrackTOUR app, upload it to the mototrack website, log in and select the route map you want to embed and click the link to generate the HTML code which you can then paste into your blog or website.

Your motorcycle blog page will look like this:

The interactive Google Map allows your followers to zoom in and out, select from alternate viewing modes (eg satellite, hybrid etc) and follow your route just like any other Google Map that we are all now so accustomed to using.  Best of all its easy, and route maps can be embedded in your motorcycle blog or website in a matter of seconds without needing to be a HTML expert.

So if you are embarking on a motorcycle adventure soon and plan to keep a blog then check out mototrackTOUR and make your motorcycle blog stand out from the crowd.  And if you do please let us know – we’ll create a link and promote your blog or website so that others can easily follow your adventures and just how easy it is to use tech while on the road.


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