New tech – the Leanometer

I first saw the Leanometer at the London motorcycle show (February 2012).  I spent some time talking with the guys that developed the Leanometer and was so impressed with what they told me that I purchased one.  This is just the sort of tech that is right up my alley.  Kit that was previously only […]

First impressions: London Motorcycle Show

The free parking on offer almost made it mandatory to ride to the London Motorcycle Show today.  So I did.  Even though it was absolutely freezing.  No rain or ice so perfectly safe, but the temperature was -0.5 degrees (C) when I left home around 10:30am.  I’d never been on the bike when it has […]

Track Day Action from Brands Hatch

Have you ever been to a motorcycle track day? They are great fun.  The perfect way to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a MotoGP or World Super Bike rider.  Or just to see how fast your new bike is.  Or how quickly you can ruin a set of tyres. Or how […]