Smart Helmets – guest post from Lisa

When you look at the advances in the automotive industry, it may seem like technology has left motorcycles in the wind. A recent purchase I made for my ride proves this is not the case. Today, motorcyclists have advanced options just like any driver. In fact, we have ‘smart’ options that go beyond what a […]

How good are smartphone cameras?

Are todays smartphone cameras capable of taking good quality photos? I carry lots of tech when I ride ’cause this is my thing, and my motorcycle has plenty of capacity for carrying all my stuff! I’ve always considered that the quality of my photos is improved by using a Digital SLR (DSLR).  I did go […]

AQUA TEK S for iPhone

Now this AQUA TEK S looks the goods.  Just the thing for your iPhone 4 or 4S.  Designed for rugged outdoors adventure types but perfect for motorcycle tech enthusiasts who have their iPhone with them 24/7.  As soon as I saw it I immediately thought of how great this would be mounted on a motorcycle. […]

Looking for a motorcycle app? Check out mototrackTOUR in conjunction with developer Anolisoft are pleased to announce the release of their new motorcycle app and companion website – mototrackTOUR. When we started we were looking for a project to demonstrate our commitment to great value tech for motorcyclists and were pleased to be able to assist Anolisoft in the development of […]

More apps for bikers – iBiker

Developed with the support (and funding) of the UK government, iBiker is a handy resource to have in your pocket, no matter what or where you ride.  The app has global appeal and  is available on both the iPhone and Android platforms.  Having tried both versions, I can recommend iBiker as a carefully thought out, […]

Maria Costello – Queen of Bikers … Queen of Tech!

Facebook, Twitter, Website and now an Andorid App ….. Maria Costello, the fastest woman around the Isle of Man TT for five years, gives us a great example of what is possible with technology and the new media of social networking.  Queen of Bikers sure, but Queen of Tech also I say! Truth is, I’d […]

iPhone 4S

Apple make great kit.  There is no doubt about it.  Good looking, cool to own and more importantly slick user interfaces.  The iPhone 4S is no exception. First launched in 2007 the iPhone 4S is the fifth generation iPhone.  And arguably still the best smartphone available. It’s been out for just over a month now. […]

Ride with Tech – Getting started

You don’t need to buy new or expensive kit to ride with tech.  By simply using your mobile/cell, smartphone or mp3 player you’ll soon be hitting your favourite roads while listening to your favourite songs. Just about all cell/mobile phones and smartphones today come supplied with a headset/earphones and preloaded music/media player software or App. […]

Nokia release two new Windows Smartphones

Will the new Windows Smartphones help Nokia regain the status of their seemingly now long gone glory days? I remember in the pre Smartphone days when Nokia was the first choice mobile phone for consumers and business users. They looked cool, worked great and the battery life was superb. They dominated the mobile phone handset […]