Classic motorcycles – some nice photos to check out

Check out our new galleries with plenty of images of the many classic motorcycles on display.  Some were even for sale.  This years Classic Motorcycle Show was held at the Stafford (UK) show grounds over the last weekend of April.  The train ride from London to Stafford was enjoyable but facilities for getting from the […]

Compact DSLR – Sony NEX-5

One of the realities of motorcycling is that we are limited in what we can take with us. Whether it be on a touring holiday for a couple of weeks or a track day, space is always at a premium.  Some bikes of course are better than others, with the big tourers, complete with top […]

Two new galleries added

Check them out. All photos taken with the Sony NEX-5 compact DSLR.  Small body packed with all the features you need to take great photos whether on Grand Tour or just a visit to the Ace Cafe.  Perfect if you love to ride with tech.