Getting to know Benalmadena

After three solid riding days to get to me Costa del Sol base in Benalmadena, I wanted a few days off the Family Truckster – to give both of us a break. My apartment was towards the top of the developed area of quite a steep hill which went pretty much from the coastline main […]

I’ve made it to Benalmadena Pueblo

On Saturday March 28 at around 1530 I reached my base at Benalmadena Pueblo.  It took me 3 days and five and a half hours (including the 24 hour ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Bilbao) riding the Family Truckster 740 miles from London to Portsmouth and from Bilbao to the apartment in Benalmadena Pueblo that would […]

Vuelta a Andalucia: Real time updates

As some readers will have probably realised by now, I’m a little behind in my Vuelta a Andalucia blogs.  It’s tough to find the time to get to all the great roads and interesting places plus edit videos, photos and write blog posts – but I promise I will get around to it when time […]

Valdepeñas: Best hotel wifi ever and great tapas

I will remember my brief stay in Valdepeñas for the great tapas I had at Venta del Comendar and the best ever free wifi at Hotel Central.  Unfortunately there isn’t much more to say about this quaint but unremarkable town even though Spain tourism would like you to believe otherwise. I arrived at where the GPS […]

The N-403: One of the best motorcycle roads in Spain

The N-403 has to be one of the best motorcycle roads in Spain.  It was near perfect this glorious spring afternoon – for me and the Family Truckster anyway. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page – pretty brief really.  Just the practicalities of where it is – it doesn’t reveal much about it and certainly […]

Police Escort out of Ávila

Ávila was not the original route I had planned – but seemed like a good idea to take in more of Spain’s N roads – and as a bonus I was rewarded with a police escort! I pulled out of the hotel garage in Segovia around 11am on Friday morning having quickly worked out that […]

Barely enough time for exploring Segovia

I was super keen to begin exploring Segovia but not being able to get into my hotel room was going to delay this somewhat.  On the cardboard sleeve containing my room access card key I’d been given at check in  I was certain the room number was written as 207.  But I was wrong – […]

Heading south to Segovia

My route to Segovia after leaving the ferry in Bilbao was pretty basic.  South on the Autopistas (motorways with tolls) and Autovias (free motorways) in northern Spain before heading south-west along a Nacionales (national highways) – my favourites – to Segovia and the Hotel Don Felipe in the Old City. In researching for this post I was […]

The tour starts – Portsmouth to Bilbao

My very own Vuelta a Andalucia has started – it’s great to be back on the Family Truckster going south on what should be the most boring leg of the trip – Portsmouth to Bilbao.  Relatively straightforward this bit, have done it before.  The last time though I had a bit of trouble – the […]

The preparation continues for my Spain motorcycle tour

I now had a good outline in place for my Spain motorcycle tour.  I was beginning to get touring fit and had secured ferry and accommodation bookings for my very own.  Now my focus turned to getting the Family Truckster ready, detailed route/ride planning and deciding what tech would accompany me on this Spain motorcycle tour. Getting […]