Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 7 – Good fortune in Bielsko-Biala

3 August 2011 Apart from building excellent bikes, BMW have an extensive dealer network through Europe. Some will claim that you pay a lot for the badge but it is moments like this when you really appreciate the investment in a new BMW. My GPS is a Garmin but comes badged as a BMW Navigator […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 7 – One of those days

3 August 2011 It’s easy to think now that if this is the worst I have to deal with on this trip then everything has gone well. The breakfast at the hotel should have been a sign – but I did not heed it (cold mushroom half-an-egg omlette and soggy lettuce garnish). A quick morning […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 6 – Prague to Dolny Kubin

2 August 2011 Up early to pack and the weather is looking promising. After two days off the bike I’m looking forward to putting in some miles again today. It could be a long day if I make it to Slovakia as planned. But I want to see some Czech towns on the way to […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Days 4 & 5 – Exploring Prague

31 July & 1 August 2011 When touring by motorcycle it is a luxury to stay more than one night at the same place. The constant packing, loading the bike arriving at the next hotel, checking in, unloading the gear and carrying it to your room can become a bit tedius. Each night the following […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 3 – Rothenburg to Prague

30 July 2011 I was hoping to make an earlier start today so I packed my kit up and prepared to check out of the hotel only to be advised that breakfast was included in the overnight rate. No point leaving on an empty stomach so I settled down in the restuarant for a coffee […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 2 – Leuven To Rothenburg

29 July 2011 I’m feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep and an excellent continental breakfast. Bikes are packed and Kalahari George and I go our separate ways, planning to meet up again in a few days. I head off east on the motorway towards the German border but a missed turn takes me past […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 1 – London to Leuvin

28 July 2011 The weather is fine and my bags are packed. A few trips downstairs and I can begin loading all my stuff on the Family Truckster. Pannier inner bags provided a bit of a struggle but everything is on now and I’m ready to go. A quick detour west to meet my new […]

Starting at the end – Turkey Motorcycle Tour 2011

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about my last great motorcycle adventure: my Turkey Motorcycle Tour when in the summer of 2011 I rode (mostly solo) from London to Turkey and back – a trip of some 11,000 miles taking 10 weeks. Given my current riding limitations and an absence of recent posts, I’m going to […]