Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 69 – Castro Urdiales to Bilbao Ferry Terminal

4 October 2011 This is officially the last day of my Turkey motorcycle tour.  I arrived safely at the ferry terminal this morning with plenty of time to have a chat with a few of the other motorcyclists who were also waiting to board. It’s always good to hear stories of where people have been […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 68 – What an experience!

3 October 2011 Even though I’m not quite back in London yet, it’s fair to say that my Turkey motorcycle tour has concluded.  All that remains is the short ride to the ferry terminal in the morning, an overnight ferry to Portsmouth and a quick blast for a couple of hours up the A3 to London. […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 68 – Pamplona to Castro Urdiales

3 October 2011 I really should have got up earlier and taken another short walk around Pamplona. But I didn’t. I slept until 0800 and was packed and on the road around 1000, distracted momentarily by Top Gear repeats on the TV dubbed in Spanish, but eager to continue my Turkey motorcycle tour. Bilbao was the […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 67 – Andorra la Vella to Pamplona

2 October 2011 This would likely be my last day of high mountain riding on this beautiful sunny 67th morning of my Turkey motorcycle tour.  I was determined to make the most of the less than 500 miles remaining to get to the ferry port and terminal in Bilbao. It wasn’t far from Andorra la Vella […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 66 – Andorra la Vella

1 October 2011 Imagine the biggest duty free shop you’ve ever seen. Or maybe like at a big international airport once you clear customs and security. Well, multiply that by about 100 and you have Andorra. The capital, Andorra la Vella is simply a small town comprised of many duty free shops. Electronics, prefumes, cigarettes, […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 65 – Digne-les-Bains to Andorra

30 September 2011 The first 250 miles of this 65th day of my Turkey motorcycle tour was simple. Another short section of the Route Napoleon before a motorway blast west loosely following the Mediterrainian Coast. I’ve got to hand it to the French. Their motorways are great – and not completely boring like those in […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour – The final week: time for reflection

30 September 2011, As I push further west ever closer to London, entering what should be the final week of this epic Turkey motorcycle tour, it’s a good time for reflection. I’ve been on the road for more than 9 weeks. I’m accustomed to my own company now – and are used to passing the time […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 64 – Beuil To Digne-les-Bains

29 September 2011 I was still exhausted when the alarm woke me on Thursday morning but managed to pack my kit up and drag myself downstairs for a simple but enjoyable breakfast (the cheeses were excellent). Yesterdays long ride took a lot out of me. The concentration required on the tight roads was taking its […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 63 – Andermatt to Beuil

28 September 2011 Notwithstanding I finished late in the evening, Day 63 of my Turkey motorcycle tour was always going to be a challenging route after choosing a route through the French Alps which incorporate as many high mountain passes as I thought possible to do in a single day. Heading west out of Andermatt at […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 63 – Pushing West into France

29 September 2011 I’ve been a bit slack of late. Relying on scenery to carry the interest in my blogs. Sorry about this for those who find the commentary of interest. I have revealed very little of myself for some time time now. But the roads and scenery have been great – I’m sure you […]