Smart Helmets – guest post from Lisa

When you look at the advances in the automotive industry, it may seem like technology has left motorcycles in the wind. A recent purchase I made for my ride proves this is not the case. Today, motorcyclists have advanced options just like any driver. In fact, we have ‘smart’ options that go beyond what a […]

First impressions: London Motorcycle Show

The free parking on offer almost made it mandatory to ride to the London Motorcycle Show today.  So I did.  Even though it was absolutely freezing.  No rain or ice so perfectly safe, but the temperature was -0.5 degrees (C) when I left home around 10:30am.  I’d never been on the bike when it has […]

Motorcycle Live 2011

The website for Motorcycle Live 2011  looked promising ( with a promotional video being played on an iPhone held by a gloved motorcyclist. The glove could even be changed, depending on your favoured style of riding; Classic, Fighter, Sport, Alive, Off-Road and Custom – though the video was the same. The cover of the program […]

Top End Tech on the K1600GT

The new BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL provide a great example of best practice integration of the latest high end tech communication and navigation gadgets.  Using my bike as an example, the system is comprised of: audio preparation (factory option), GPS (BMW accessory – a rebranded Garmin Zumo 660), docking connector cable (BMW accessory) Bluetooth Communicator Headset […]