Half Throttle’s Top Video Making Tips

Now this is a bonus for anyone looking for video making tips. Thanks to Ryan Grassley, aka HalfThrottle, for sharing his knowledge and experience. Please join with me in thanking Ryan by subscribing to his You Tube Channel or visiting his Facebook page and sharing it with your friends. All links are provided here. How […]

GoPro Wifi BacPac – coming soon

Many of you will already have heard about the GoPro WiFi BacPac and remote control coming soon for the GoPro Hero and Hero2. The Wi-Fi Combo Kit enables remote control, live preview and playback on smartphones and tablets, live streaming to the web, and more. The Wi-Fi Combo Kit is compatible with HD HERO2 and […]

GoPro Motorcycle Mount from Manfrotto

I’m always on the lookout for new GoPro motorcycle mounts. A few weeks back we reviewed the Manfrotto Super Clamp and Heavy Duty Flex Arm as an alternative GoPro motorcycle mount  (see post). Our review included mounting a GoPro HD Hero to the pillion rails and handlebars. As the Heavy Duty Flex Arm is 55cm/22in […]

GoPro Hero2 FOV Comparison – Wide

Our Hero2 FOV comparison continues. Here’s the last video in our GoPro Hero 2 FOV (field of view) comparison series.  This time, wide (Hero2) against wide (Hero). Mounting was simple and utilised the standard GoPro suction cup mount. If you missed the medium and narrow FOV comparison videos, here they are again:   My favourite […]

GoPro Mounts from Manfrotto

Several GoPro mounts come with the cameras and housing in the various editions (Motorsports, Outdoor and Surf) available from GoPro.  In the past I’ve opted for the Motorsports Edition when purchasing the GoPro HD Hero and Hero2 but have also invested in other GoPro Mounts which can be purchased separately including: Chest mount harness Vented […]

GoPro Hero2 FOV Comparison – Medium

Our Hero2 FOV comparison series continues. This time we compare the Medium Hero2 FOV setting against the original HD Hero.  Just a reminder that both GoPro’s were set on the highest resultion (1080) and mounted using the suction cup on the front of my motorcycle with no adjustments made to either picture or sound quality during editing. […]

GoPro Hero2 FOV Comparison – Narrow

Hero2 FOV – is there much difference from the standard HD Hero? We do our best to be self sufficient at ridewithtech.com and keep as much as possible in-house.  And we’ve been pretty successful at this to date with just a bit of help from professionals from time to time.  Our philosophy is to get trained rather […]

Track Day Action from Brands Hatch

Have you ever been to a motorcycle track day? They are great fun.  The perfect way to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a MotoGP or World Super Bike rider.  Or just to see how fast your new bike is.  Or how quickly you can ruin a set of tyres. Or how […]

Hero2 FOV (Narrow) Vs Hero

The new HD Hero2 from GoPro offers additional field of view (FOV) settings over the original HD Hero.  First up is the narrow setting (Hero2 only).  Both GoPro’s were set on the highest resultion (1080) and mounted using the suction cup. Video editing had been minimal and no adjustments have been made to either picture […]

Hero2 Vs Hero – FOV Comparison

Thinking about getting a Hero2?  Is it worth the extra cost over the Original HD Hero from GoPro. The additional functionality due to the new FOV settings sounds neat but what difference will this make? Have a look at this brief comparison video and decide for yourself.  Indoors only comparison for now  …. … on-motorcycle […]