Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 64 – Beuil To Digne-les-Bains

29 September 2011 I was still exhausted when the alarm woke me on Thursday morning but managed to pack my kit up and drag myself downstairs for a simple but enjoyable breakfast (the cheeses were excellent). Yesterdays long ride took a lot out of me. The concentration required on the tight roads was taking its […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 63 – Andermatt to Beuil

28 September 2011 Notwithstanding I finished late in the evening, Day 63 of my Turkey motorcycle tour was always going to be a challenging route after choosing a route through the French Alps which incorporate as many high mountain passes as I thought possible to do in a single day. Heading west out of Andermatt at […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 63 – Pushing West into France

29 September 2011 I’ve been a bit slack of late. Relying on scenery to carry the interest in my blogs. Sorry about this for those who find the commentary of interest. I have revealed very little of myself for some time time now. But the roads and scenery have been great – I’m sure you […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 62 – Andermatt Loop

27 September 2011 Another riding for pleasure day. The 147 miles travelled got me no closer to London. Just back to the same place I started the day – Hotel Aurora, Andermatt. There are some great roads and high mountain passes in the area. I took it easy and stopped frequently for photos. It was […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 61 – Garmisch to Andermatt

26 September 2011 Garmisch-Partenkirchen was a nice town. It took me a while to find a place to stay though. Either too far out of town or too expensive. Seems the good weather and Oktoberfest have extended the summer tourist season. I finally settled on a central Guesthouse and after unloading the Family Truckster I […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 60 – The Grossglockner

25 September 2011 This is the 113th Turkey motorcycle tour blog entry. Unlucky for some, but at least I made it past the century. Just to be sure I will do another blog before getting on the bike again. Not that I’m superstitious. I ended up stopping for the night just outside of Hermagor, Austria. […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 59 – Italy, Slovenia & Austria

24 September 2011 The ride from Pontebba to the Slovenian border was superb, starting with a fast road south following a mountain river, before again heading east into the mountains and over Passo Sella Nevea. This road was probably the tightest of the day (to here at least) and included several short dark tunnels that […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 59 – East Again!

24 September 2011 The Dolomites were so good I simply didn’t want to tear myself away from them just yet. I checked out of my hotel in Arabba this morning and had two choices – east or west. West was the logical choice as it would get me closer to London. But logic rarely comes […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 58 – Arabba & Dolomites Loop

23 September 2011 The Family Truckster is full of electronic gadgetry. The bag of tricks includes: Electronic Suspension Adjustment, with three settings adjustable of the fly (Comfort, Normal or Sport). When stationery it is also possible to adjust for the load ie one up, with luggage or two up. Three engine mapping settings, Rain, Road […]

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Days 56 & 57 – Zadar to Arabba

21 & 22 September 2011 I like Italy. Have been here a few times now. Twice on the Family Truckster’s predecessor and once to go skiing. The coffee is simply the best and the food is great also, but no good if you are dieting. The ferry crossing was smooth and I arrived on time […]