Horizons Unlimited: The best online resource for motorcyclists

Probably the best online resource for motorcycle travellers is Horizons Unlimited.  Geared towards adventure tourers, this site has more information and content than you will ever need if you are thinking of undertaking your own motorcycle adventure or grand tour.  Find inspiration, travel destinations, other travellers, tips, country info, practical advice from people who know, […]

GoPro Hero2: Out now!

The GoPro Hero2 is now available. I’ve been using the GoPro HD Hero for some time now.  It is a great piece of kit for taking high definition video footage of your ride. GoPro HD Hero Videos They’ve just released an upgrade that will make it even better. The HD HERO2 benefits from a complete […]

Happy 10th birthday iPod

I stumbled across an online article today announcing the 10th birthday of the iPod (A gadget so cool no one could resist).  Reading something like this makes me feel old.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that a transistor radio was our only source of portable music, listened to via a single earpiece, no stereo […]

Have we lost that Easy Rider spirit?

During an enjoyable lunch with a former work colleague and fellow motorcyclist, the discussion turned to our recent travel experiences.  His by train from Vladivostok to Moscow and mine by motorcycle from London to Turkey  accompanied by a real time, online travel blog.  As I explained the tech/gadgets required to maintain the blog while on […]

Top End Tech on the K1600GT

The new BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL provide a great example of best practice integration of the latest high end tech communication and navigation gadgets.  Using my bike as an example, the system is comprised of: audio preparation (factory option), GPS (BMW accessory – a rebranded Garmin Zumo 660), docking connector cable (BMW accessory) Bluetooth Communicator Headset […]

The website is taking shape

We got some photos in today and the structure of the site is starting to emerge.  Let us know what you think.

The Transfagarasan Route

So is this one of the best driving roads in Europe?  It is superb but the surface is not recommended for sportsbikes.  But make the effort if you’re in the area. Want to see what it’s like?  These videos were taken in August 2011. For more information see http://www.europes-best-drives.com/101/countries/romania/the-transfagarasan-route/

Hello world! Welcome to ridewithtech.com

Welcome to ridewithtech.com – a website for motorcyclists who want gadgets and technology to enhance their riding experience.