About ridewithtech

ridewithtech – so what’s it all about?

Technology is part of our everyday lives, used extensively in our work and increasingly in our homes. For many it is at the hub of our social lives thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. So many of us now have smartphones, tablets, netbooks, e-Readers, laptops or at least access to a PC. As the cost of hardware falls and our need for instant access to information increases, free or low cost software (websites or smartphone apps) provide tailor made solutions to help us manage our increasingly busy lives.

But all this technology can be confusing. Some user interfaces are less than intuitive, and few of us could be bothered to read the detailed on-line user guides. And there is so much information on internet, it is hard to know what to believe, to really know what technology will make life simpler, save time and effort or enhance our leisure activities or hobbies.

But once you get a feel for it, know what to look out for and how to find it, the latest technology, gadgets and software/apps can be addictive. And these days they are accessible to all budgets. Today, many of the expensive tech/gadgets of a few years ago are available on the latest generation of smartphones thanks to a few low cost apps.

Is it necessary? Not really, we used to get by without it. But is certainly is fun and we all like having a new toy to play with and show to our friends.  It’s a bit like having a mobile or cell phone.  They never used to be essential but now they go everywhere with us and we’d feel lost without one.

So if you are into motorcycles, whether for work or play, and you want to know what technology and gadgets are available to enhance your motorcycling experience, then ridewithtech.com is for you.

Our aim is to introduce technology and gadgets with application to motorcyclists of all ages and all riding styles; whether you ride the latest sportsbike or vintage scooter, or planning a round the world adventure or simply use your motorcycle to commute to work. Our contributors are avid motorcyclists who want to share their experiences with others in the worldwide motorcycling community.

The emphasis of ridewithtech.com is on technology and gadgets rather than mechanics or motorcycles. We aim not to get too technical and will try and avoid acronyms and jargon typical of some tech based sites.  There is plenty of technical information on the internet if this is your thing and we will probably reference these sites from time to time.

ridewithtech.com‘s aim is to be relevant to motorcyclists of all levels of tech ability, acceptance or phobia, from the early adopters to those considering their first smartphone.

When providing information on the latest technology and gadgets our aim is to address the following:

– What is it?
– How does it work?
– What is the practical application to motorcyclists?
– Is it any good?

We welcome feedback and suggestions from the global motorcycling community and are always on the look out for contributors to ensure our content is current and relevant (contact us).  Please follow the links for details of our Contributors and Friends.

We look forward to hearing from you. Ride safe.